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Areas of Practice

If you are a small business, family business, sole proprietor, or closely held corporation, you likely do not employ a full-time General Counsel for your company. The Wan Law Group can be your Outside General Counsel.

We can be on-call to provide your business with legal advice to help you anticipate potential hurdles, as well as respond to the inevitable legal issues and problems that arise. Our fees can be structured to be the right value for your business, whether that means you retain us at an hourly rate or at a flat fee per month. We are not a “one-size-fits-all” law firm.

Whether you are a start-up business owner looking to incorporate or form a business entity, you are purchasing or selling a business, or you are creating and forming business relationships with partners or customers, the Wan Law Group has the experience and expertise necessary to protect your rights as a business owner and potential creditor.

We can give you advice and represent your interests in a manner that is both competent and efficient to protect you in the event a business deal does not proceed as expected, or your customers or clients do not live up to their obligations. We are fully prepared to draft or revise your contracts and invoices, review an agreement proposed to you, negotiate a deal, or draft an agreement from scratch to protect your business’s rights, for a reasonable and competitive fee.

No one wants to sue their clients or vendors, but sometimes it is inevitable. If your business has outstanding accounts receivables, uncollected past due invoices, or unsatisfied judgments, the Wan Law Group can help you collect those debts through our strategic partner, Smith Carroad Levy Wan & Parikh, P.C.. Smith Carroad was founded in 1930 and is recognized as one of the foremost law firms engaged in Collection Law and Judgment Enforcement; renowned for an innovative, aggressive, experienced, and effective practice of law.

We can handle, manage, and litigate all types of commercial, medical, and retail claims within New York and across the country through a nationwide network of attorneys. We can also offer service and counsel regarding subrogation claims, insurance premium collection, claims against decedents’ estates, replevin of property, and mechanics’ liens.

We’ll listen to your needs and devise a strategy that works for you. We offer personal attention and responsiveness at rates that won’t shock your accountant.

Whether you are an artist, musician, producer, actor, author, photographer, sculptor, cartoonist, or manager, and regardless of what stage of development you are in—from a well-established personal management agency to someone on the brink of their “Big Break”—we have the ability to represent your interests in an energetic, enthusiastic, and competent manner, for a reasonable and competitive fee.

Timothy Wan has worked in the legal department for a television studio, movie producer, and a music label. We have the expertise, attitude, and patience to handle a wide range of matters for you: Band/Group Agreements, Production Agreements, Management Contracts, Recording Contracts, and Licensing Agreements. Additionally, we can counsel you regarding social media rights, image and likeness licenses and releases, ethical problems, conflicts of interest, career-decision making, or Internet issues.

In today’s business world intellectual property has immeasurable value. If your business owns copyrightable materials, you have a unique trademark or logo that you want to protect, or you have an invention you want to patent, we can guide you through the process.

At the Wan Law Group, our team of attorneys have both enforced intellectual property rights in litigation, as well as defended against infringement claims. We can help you protect and register your copyrights. We can protect and register your trademarks and patents. Through our counsel, Jason Marin, Esq., who has been practicing almost exclusively in the areas of patents, trademarks and copyrights since 2000, we can help you with registering, protecting, policing, licensing and enforcing your rights.